What Does Direct Selling Mean in Network Marketing?

Direct Selling refers to selling products DIRECTLY to the consumer in a non-retail environment.So, sales occur at home, at work, online and other non-store locations.

And then, Direct Selling Companies are companies that offer these products to the consumer.

For these companies to reach more consumers with their products, they deploy the services of these consumers for distribution as they are prohibited to advertise in the media, market and sell in retail stores.

For the above to happen, this consumer is therefore signed up as an independent distributor with the company to offer to SELL these products at a profit.

The company further rewards the individual when they DECIDE to get other consumers like them to join the Direct Selling Company as an independent distributor, rather than being sold to by other consumers.

This reward is called a COMPENSATION and it is usually given in monetary terms or tangible items like assets as the company deems fit.

Direct Selling Companies that employ this method of distribution are generally termed Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing Companies and the process of inviting other consumers like you as distributors for even greater reward is called Network Marketing.

There are various Direct Selling Companies an individual can choose to partner with like Health, Wellness, Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Travel etc. It is your prerogative as an individual to choose what company and in what sector you would love to partner with.This decision can even stem from the area of your passion.

Working with a Direct Selling Company is a great way to start a business without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg like ( I had to) HERE , start a side hustle and even begin a journey towards Entrepreneurship, but this time around, with little or absolutely no risk.

So, the first opportunity offered in a Network Marketing opportunity is NOT to do Networking Marketing but to SELL to make a PROFIT and EARN A LIVING.


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