It’s a brand new year and this is the time new year resolutions are made and people are determined to be more focused and finally get serious with things they took for granted the previous year. A post trended in a popular Facebook group in the new year and this question was asked ” why have you not started that business yet?”

The most popular response from members of the group was ” because I don’t know what business to venture into”

When one wants to begin a traditional business, first you will determine the type of business to venture into and then you will take into consideration and undergo a lot of processes like drawing up a business plan, feasibility studies, business name registration ,very  importantly funding and a number of other factors.These processes can become overwhelming and make one forget altogether about starting a business and the year goes by and the dream and enthusiasm may even die.

It takes 18 months for a traditional new business to break even and 2-3 months for that business to become profitable.

Leverage is a very powerful factor in Network Marketing as all the heavy lifting has been done for you.This simply means that you don’t have to go through the hassles of starting a new business from scratch like was mentioned above because all the work has been done for you.

On the other hand, starting a Network Marketing business requires nothing but a little start up fee.Every other thing has been done for you.The infrastructure has been taken care of, the products have been taken care of, in most cases, high quality products produced under safe standards and tested, the storage has been taken care of, shipping, rules and regulations e.t.c.

So you just come in, with your available required capital and begin a business with all the training and tools that you need to succeed.

All that is required of you to succeed in this business is the ability to dream big, have an open mind especially to learning new skills, execution and then a decision to succeed, no matter what.A resilient and never give up spirit and muscle will have to be built also.



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