11 Self Limiting beliefs in Network Marketing

Ever heard these, “what we believe is what we see”,  “what will feed your mind will lead your life” or “once your mind changes, everything on the outside change along with it” ?


Our mindset is very powerful  and it can be either allowing us to succeed or responsible for our failure.

There are a number of self limiting beliefs that get people stuck and keep them far away from reaching their potential in Network Marketing.

Go through each of them, see if you recognise any, take a step back and feel how you can change this mindset to a positive one.

  1. I’m too old: All you need to get involved in Network Marketing is to be an adult………18 years and above.There is no age barrier in Network Marketing.Everyone is given an equal chance to live life on their own terms.
  2. I’m not smart enough: All you need is to do the work required and take action.
  3. I’m not educated enough: Network Marketing doesn’t care about your education.You will do all the learning inside of your new profession and you need no prior education or qualification to get into the profession. All you’ll need is your dreams, strong desire and determination to succeed.
  4. I’m afraid of trying and failing: You have to keep trying until you succeed, you only fail when you quit.
  5. You have to have money to make money: You begin to make money from day 1 in Network Marketing especially from sales.This can cover up for the amount of product you will need monthly if your company requires that.
  6. I don’t feel like I really deserve it. You deserve every good thing life has to offer and even much more.
  7. I don’t have the willpower: That’s your mind limiting you from what yo can achieve
  8. I’ve already tried everything: If you haven’t succeeded yet, then you haven’t tried everything yet
  9. It’s Selfish for me to want more: The world needs you to be more, so that you can help more people.
  10. All the good ones are taken: There is so much more out there, you just have to reach out and get it.
  11. This is not for me: This is you giving in to your fears and shutting out the possibilities and extent of what you can achieve.

Network marketing is for anyone but may not be for everyone, as not everyone has the mindset and discipline towards reaching for and achieving the best life has to offer to them.


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