Self Employed or an Entrepreneur ….What’s the Difference?

I started my traditional business because I wanted independence. I wanted to be in control of my time and didn’t want anyone telling me what to do. I thought I would have Time Freedom.

As time went by and my business grew, I became so soaked into the business, was busy everyday and even on weekends, including Sundays.Sometimes if I wasn’t around, the job will not go on, that was when I realised that I was just Self Employed and not an Entrepreneur, and I was just trading my time for money, and

I wasn’t even looking for a way out, after all it was business and being busy was a good sign that business is moving and we are doing well.

Joining Network Marketing opened my eyes to the difference between being Self Employed and being an Entrepreneur. Someone who is Self Employed owns the job and is on the same page as the person who works in a job, these people are on the left side of the Cash Flow Quadrant.

Entrepreneurs are business owners who will leverage on teams and systems to run their business, so that they do not have to trade their time for money and they can make money while they sleep.When the Entrepreneur does this, he doesn’t just make money, but he builds wealth in the process.

The ultimate goal of the Entrepreneur is to become an Investor where he completely steps aside and allows his money to work for him. Right here is where Financial Freedom is gained.

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