Debunking the Myth

I was speaking to a lady who came into my network but has not started her business yet. I naturally asked her Why. Her first response was lack of finances then this conversation ensued between us.

Lady: My fiancee said that I should not do it , that I will be marketing and selling someone else’s product.

I smile and asked  her a simple question.

Me: What do you do for a living?

Lady: I bake but the job comes once once, hence my search for something else.

Me: Okay, if you are to do something else, what will that be?

Lady: I would love to sell perfumes.

Me: Okay, the perfumes, is it you that will be producing it with your name on it?

Lady: No now, I will look for a source and get it in large quantities and then sell to make a profit

Me: Very good. So starting your business with this perfume company when you find it, will you be selling for the company or selling for yourself?

Your guess is as good as mine what her answer was.

It is a misconception, just like lots of misconceptions that you are selling another man’s product when you are working a Network Marketing business.

A Network Marketing company first of all simply offers you a product line which will be given to you at a discount to use or do business with by selling them ( their very simple way of involving you in Entrepreneurship)

The essence of any business is to make profit, it doesn’t matter if the product carries your name or not.


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