My name is Chineze Maduka and I am a Wife, Mother, Beauty Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional.

My Entrepreneurial journey started in 2010 when I discovered my love for the art of Makeup.Then I enrolled into a Makeup and Beauty Therapy School and became a Professional Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant/Therapist.

I started running a traditional beauty business officially 2013.As time went on and because of the need to get better, I picked up other skills like Professional Photography, as one of the qualities of an Entrepreneur is multi tasking, which I learnt to do very well……..but this became a huge problem.

As my business grew, I was having less freedom.I always had to be at work attending to customers, and when I got home, I had loads of work to do which I brought home from the office.My work days included Sundays, as I was working 7 days a week.I was spending a lot of time away from my husband and kids, and didn’t realise that I needed a way out, it was my business after all and I was doing well and making money out of it.

My Network Marketing Journey

In February 2016, I found an  opportunity online that enabled me earn from products I would purchase and use normally everyday, it was a harmless one after all nobody ever paid me for buying anything for my use.

I did a few google searches and joined the opportunity, received a starter kit bag that showed me an even bigger opportunity to earn much more and a lot of other unbelievable incentives.But to achieve all of that, I had to find people to join me through  Teamwork.This was when I  realised that this could be a way out.


I have built a multiple six figure income from my Network Marketing opportunity and I have successfully replaced the income from my business, and this income grows bigger monthly as leverage increases due to a bigger network of team players.I still work in my own business but have freed up my time as I no longer take up a lot of duties.

I have more time to spend and bond with my family which is priceless to me.While I am grateful for this opportunity, I am really excited to see what the future holds.

Network Marketing in the last year has helped me achieve this and shown me that we can actually live life on our own terms, building the lifestyle that we love.

It has also helped me to bring out the best in others while they build their dream income and create a life that they do not have to run away from.

My Mission is to educate people about the Network Marking Profession and to  show them that there is a better way, while helping them create extraordinary success in their Network Marketing/Home Business career.