5 Ways to stay Productive while you Sit At Home

Thanks to what’s happening in our world right now, it is imperative that everyone has to go on a compulsory vacation and the destination is HOME.It’s just a few days now at least in my country, and I have seen lots of posts on Social Media where people are already restless and need to keep busy.Even my daughter says she’s bored, she misses her friends and wants to go back to school

In this post, I have put together 4 things you can do to make this Sit-at-home super productive.

I will leave a Bonus Tip as the last, ensure you do not binge on that as it can ruin the entire productivity tips from 1-4

Here they are in no particular order, you sure would become a better person after this whole ordeal is over.

1. Read a Book – This is a great time to invest in your Personal Development.If you work a 9-5 and never have time to read, this is a great time to pick up that book you bought two years ago🙂. It is common place for Entrepreneurs to read all the time, as they always want to better themselves, this is a great time to double your book number too.Reading is a great way to take your mind off the scary happenings of this time.

2. Work Out/Exercise – I went out to have my daily run today and what I saw was impressive.Apparently residents didn’t go to work as usual, and they came out in their numbers to work out, I saw faces I had never seen before.This is a great time to do those exercises and keep shape.Sitting at home comes with wanting to keep the mouth busy always, and exercising is a great way to cushion the effect after all is said and done.

3. Learn a Skill – It is no longer news that we are in the digital age.In the wake of this pandemic, everyone around the world was asked to sit at home and businesses should shut down.Some businesses like Netflix and Zoom recorded great revenue because their business platform is 100% online.People had no choice but to use these services.Same way some businesses lost because they have not moved into the online space.This simply means that whatever business one wants to open in the future should be digital compliant.Welcome to a dress rehearsal of what the future of business would look like.Learn a skill while staying at home and ensure its a Digital skill.

4. Bond with your spouse/ kids – What better time to bond with family?Spouses with partners and kids with their parents.

5. Nexflix away – This tip is actually an after thought and a disclaimer, as it has the tendency of addiction and can ruin everything from points 1-4. I will suggest you use this as a reward to yourself for completing a productive task, as this can also serve as a spouse/family bonding activity.

In as much as the pandemic seems to have shutdown the activities of life, it sure has great pros which we can take advantage of.While waiting for the season to be over, this is a business that you can begin immediately even in the middle of this pandemic, and continue when you go back to work, a great work-from-home opportunity.

We don’t know if this sit-at -home will happen again in our life time and how long it will last for.

We can as well utilize it to the fullest.

Take precautionary measures, stay home and stay safe✌️

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