I started my traditional business in 2013 with a capital of N1.8 Million.I discovered early that I had a deep passion for beauty so I decided to venture into it full time and build a career in that area.I did a feasibility study to arrive at that amount which I didn’t have at the time, so I went out to raise it.

My husband emptied his savings and the remaining sum, I got through family and friends whom I showed my business plan.A number of them who believed in me contributed and that was how I raised capital for my business.I use this opportunity once again to say thank you for believing in me and supporting my dreams.

I got my business registered.Most of the money went into rent as I had to pay for 2 years upfront, but due to the landlord’s magnanimity, I was allowed to pay for one and a half years.More money went into repairing and refurbishing the office space as it was in a very bad state.

Even more money went into furniture, fittings and equipment. At the end of the day, I had less than 10% of the money to purchase products that will be displayed for sale on the shelves.

Three years down the line, I joined a Direct Selling Business popularly called Network Marketing with N23,000.This sum was used for registration with the company and purchasing my first products from them.In a few days, I sold off all the products, recouped my capital, made a profit of 23% and put back the money into the business.Business had started in earnest in this line.

On the average, it takes 18 months for a traditional Start-up business to break even and 3-5 years for it to become profitable.I pushed my traditional business with my life and almost 7 years down the line by God’s grace, we are still standing.

Network Marketing companies simply eliminate all the stress and hassles one will have to go through to start a traditional business, the first being physical structure and all the costs that go into it, this is just one of the reasons why Network Marketing is called the Business of the 21st Century.

Finally, a Network Marketing business is also called a Home Business because it is run 100% without a physical structure and huge start up costs, just like a traditional one, and still offers all the rewards of Entrepreneurship and more.

In this Digital economy and with technology, anyone can begin a business anytime and anywhere and start out on a rewarding journey of Entrepreneurship

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