5 Ways to deal with Information Overload

Admit it, you have been there!!!


The first thing you are told when you get into Network Marketing is to Learn before you Earn or even Earn while you Learn.

Then you begin to research, learn and find information, loads of information to help you succeed in your business. It gets to a point that you begin to get conflicting opinions and methods and you get confused, you feel as if you are digging yourself into a hole.


Here is what you do to spur you into action and begin to crush it in your business again;

  1. Unsubscribe from everyone’s list that you are on, except the essential ones that you are following their system or you love and use the information they give you. You can store the web URL of some that you may want to come back to later on.
  2. Restrict the experts that you follow: Find one expert that you respect and would like to emulate. Most of the experts have systems which marketers would plug into, follow just one expert system and not a lot of them at the same time. All of the different tactics people teach probably work, anything can work for somebody, but if you cut out all of the other noise and focus on just following one or two expert opinions and teachings, it will clear up a lot of strife for you.
  3. Stick to your chosen Marketing strategy for 90days: Even if you see no results for a few weeks learn about it, show your skills and show someone else how to do it.
  4. Ensure your sponsor is already achieving what you want to achieve (i.e results) and that they are committed to helping you achieve the same.
  5. Allocate your time for your business on a weekly schedule and stick with it. Switch off Email, Skype, Facebook, your mobile and any other distraction so that you can stick to your schedule.

That is it, most importantly, take action on the things you have learnt and give your business time to grow.

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