The 4 Types of Freedom that Network Marketing offers you.

The journey towards entrepreneurship usually begins with a craving for Independence….. the ability to choose your own work hours, not having to report to anyone, calling your own shots and doing things your own way.

But does Independence actually mean Freedom? As a Home Business owner or Network Marketing Entrepreneur, leveraging on systems, teams and tools eventually move you to a place of true independence and this is where Wealth and Freedom lies.

Dan Sullivan, a strategic coach and one of the brightest living business minds classified Freedom into 4 Primary types.

  1. Time : Usually we trade our time for money, spending our time in exchange for money in our place of work or business.This freedom helps you break free from the time and wage paradigm as you will be working from home and choosing your work hours, and of course leveraging on teams and systems too.
  2. Money: The process above will help you make enough money to buy back your time and ultimately change where you live on the cash flow quadrant.
  3. Relationships : Spending time with people you want to spend time with.This means not missing out on watching your kids grow, having to be on holiday with people love and care about without having to run off to work or any place you are needed to make your living
  4. Purpose : This relates to your fundamental values and goals in life. This means impact, influence and significance in the life of others

Network Marketing offers all of the above freedoms and is a great place to learn the skills of business in any other chosen niche.

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