4 Reasons why people are not joining your Business.

Have you wondered why after your efforts at showing people your opportunity, they still don’t join you? Here are few reasons why;

  1. MONEY: There is this thing about people and money. You tell them about an opportunity and they are thinking about how much resource they will have to begin with, how much money will have to leave their account, no money to start, autoships and are concentrating on everything that could go wrong instead of focusing on what could go right.

It takes very few people with an eye for opportunity and true entrepreneurship spirit to say YES to your opportunity one time. So you have to keep looking for these kinds of people.

Money is basically a mindset thing.

  1. PAST EXPERIENCE: Some people have had a poorly trained MLM business owner trick them, chase them, hunt them and even beg them to take a look at their Network Marketing Business opportunity.

So people who have been approached this way actually think that is the only way to promote a Network Marketing business opportunity. That method is outdated, inefficient and simply does not work. Not many people will want to join a business where they will have to trick their friends into looking at an opportunity.

Invite people properly either through a call, messages or via big events.  Some would come, some wouldn’t and that is okay. Simply have a follow up system for those who didn’t show up.

  1. PRODUCT: It is true that people join people, not an opportunity but a Network Marketing business is about duplication not just getting a sign up bonus.

Your business would have products for economic activity. So consider if these products are consumables, and who they are for. These are things your prospects would be considering.

A great leader and a great compensation plan  is not enough to sustain years of growth. You have to evaluate your product to see who it is for.


  1. YOU: You have to understand this, Network Marketing is about duplication and not only sales. How do you talk to people about your opportunity? How do you communicate what your business can offer to them? Can it be easily be duplicated? What is your business presentation like and how long is it? Would they want to do what you are doing? Do you use third party tools?

Do you believe in yourself? If you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else? The more belief you have in yourself and your company, the more people will like to join you and your company.

If you do not believe in yourself constantly and vigilantly, you will constantly struggle to build your business. Belief is free and you can choose to have it right now.

Know that it has been done before and you can do it too. Know that people lesser than you, dumber than you and poorer  than you have created massive empires .

If they could do it, you can do it too.



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